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Lead Generation

We specialize in helping businesses generate new B2B and B2C leads in order to acquire new customers through effective business lead generation services. Our refined process includes the use of smart marketing technology and popular channels to reach out to as many relevant sales prospects as possible.
Business Lead Generation Services

Email & Social Lead Generation

Our experts come up with engaging emails that are sent out in carefully calibrated blasts to a larger audience. They also send out event-triggered emails to reinforce relevancy and visibility. Our social media experts work to generate leads by inviting businesses and consumers to connect with you on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and Snapchat. The process includes follow-up emails to further refine the generated leads.

Business Lead Generation Services

Mobile & Voice Lead Generation

Antares Solutions LLC lead generation experts make full use of the versatility that mobile and voice marketing offer. We help generate mobile leads through timed SMS notifications to relevant users. Voice lead generation supports both email marketing and social lead activities. Using opening emails or follow-up emails to open up calling channels with businesses and consumers is just one way our experts generate valuable leads.

Business Lead Generation Services

Website & Chat Lead Generation

Antares Solutions LLC experts use your website as an important lead generator. Through the use of engaging banner ads, visitor tracking, and follow-ups, our experts boost the volume of actionable leads through our business lead generation services. We also employ the use of forms on your website to capture information from interested prospects. Our experts specialize in chat support, qualifying leads, and following up with warmer chat prospects.

By using the best online lead generation services and social techniques to stimulate and seize the relevant interest in your product or service, we generate leads and thus develop a sales pipeline. Our experts keep themselves updated and are always finding creative ways to find potential customers. Through Instagram Advertising, we are able to specifically target individuals that may be interested in your product.

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