5 Customer Service Apology Statements to Help You Create Your Own

5 Customer Service Apology Statements to Help You Create Your Own

Getting calls from customers dissatisfied with the quality of service or a product is not uncommon. It happens to everyone, even to industry leaders. In such situations, the general practice followed by agents is to apologize to customers, show understanding, and then offer the best solution. Empathy and call center apology statements play a monumental role in the whole process of de-escalating an angry customer.

An automated apology can be taken for insincerity. Therefore, your apology should be personalized and deliver a feeling that you genuinely care about the customers.

Importance of Apology Statements in Customer Service 

A carefully worded apology is often instrumental in calming down a disgruntled customer. For this reason, call center apology statements are at the center of an agent’s training. Senior members of the customer support team conduct mock calls to test how well the agents deal with angry customers.

During the training of agents in contact center services, pseudo-customers may be provided with a list of customer service apology statements. But usually, the instructions are to mold these apologies to fit different unique situations and the complexity of the problem.

The use of empathetic apologies is not limited to inbound customer queries. For example, the agents working at a B2B lead generation service may have to say sorry when they call someone without prior notice. So, learning about these statements can be helpful even across departments.

5 Best Apology Statements for Customer Service You Should Know 

For ideas about the best apology statements for customer service of your own, just dig into the following examples:

#1: We Are Sorry You Had to Go Through This

Listening to a customer’s issue and apologizing does not always mean that you made the mistake. But acknowledging and empathizing with customers for their disappointing experience assuages them. Wording the best empathy statement over live chat at in-house teams or chat support services is crucial because customers cannot judge empathy from the tone of voice.

#2: You Are Right

One of the simplest customer service apology statements is to say that you are right. When you have listened to the customer’s complaint and the issue is from your side, saying that they are right validates them. This statement tells the caller that you are on their side. Communicating why the issue was caused and taking the customer through the process of resolution can convert an unpleasant customer experience into a good one.

#3: Thank You for Bringing This to Our Attention

Sometimes a customer may report an issue that your company is not aware of like a glitch in a SAAS application. You won’t have a quick solution for such things. The best course of action is to show gratitude to the customer for notifying you. It is best not to commit to any timeline unless you know it for sure first. Telling customers that you will contact them once it is resolved will buy you time.

#4: I Genuinely Appreciate Your Patience

It may take longer than usual to go through the customer’s details or to identify the problem. Customers can get frustrated by the long waiting time. One of the most effective customer service apology statements in this context is to appreciate them for the wait. Personalize this statement according to the situation for maximum effect.

#5: I Want to Make Sure I’m Getting You Right

When a customer is done explaining their issue, it is best to confirm the information. You can say I want to make sure I’m getting you right followed by paraphrasing and repeating the information provided by the customer. This empathy statement shows that you are carefully listening and interested in resolving the problem.


Sounding more empathetic in customer service interactions across mediums strengthens the bond with them. It can potentially make customers look beyond a negative customer and retain them over the long term. Satisfaction and retention are as crucial for any business as spending on mobile advertising services.

So, make use of apology statements in customer service when needed and ensure that the issue is resolved after the apology. This will help you build and maintain long-term relationships with your customers.

FAQs Section:

1- How do you say sorry in customer service?

Take responsibility for the issue and apologize for the problem with an empathy statement.

2- How do you apologize to customers effectively?

By showing empathy and carefully wording your apology.

3- What is the politest way to apologize?

Say, ‘I’m sorry. Thank you for your patience.

4- How do you apologize to a customer professionally?

Acknowledge the mistake, take responsibility, offer an explanation, and let them know how you will resolve their issues.

5- How do you apologize to a customer without blaming them?

Apologize and add, ‘you are right’, and politely offer a solution.

6- How do you apologize in a non-toxic way?

Do not blame the customer and offer a polite apology.

7- What is the simplest way to apologize?

A sincere apology uttered empathetically would be great, such as, ‘I’m really sorry that you had to go through that’.

8- How do you apologize for poor customer service?

Accept your fault, apologize, and try to compensate customers with something like a discount on the bill, or something.