When Is Customer Appreciation Day and How to Celebrate It?

Customers deserve all the appreciation for obvious reasons. And sometimes going beyond just saying thank you can solidify a company’s relationship with its customers. For this reason, businesses plan different activities to show appreciation toward customers on Customer Appreciation Day.

There are multiple positive outcomes for businesses who take part in this event like a boost in customer retention, strengthening the bond of a brand with customers, and attracting more customers. Benefits aside, customers are responsible for keeping a business up and running. So, all the more reason for you to appreciate, value, and celebrate customers every day.

When Is Customer Appreciation Day?

When Is Customer Appreciation Day

Customer Appreciation Day is a corporate event that takes place on the third Friday of May every year. Businesses across industries have their ways of showering customers with best wishes, gifts, and tokens of appreciation. The customer appreciation day 2023 is going to be on the 19th of May. So, there is still time for you to brainstorm ideas. You can check out multiple customer appreciation ideas in this blog for inspiration.

In addition to making the day for customers, it is advisable to give presents to your contact center services too. Contact center agents are at the forefront of a company to satisfy customers, whether they are in chat support services or attending customer calls, and they play a monumental role in retaining customers. Also, partly the reason why the appreciation day is observed on May’s last Friday is because of a lower influx of calls and customer queries. Another reason for this event to be in May is because it is right before summer starts. It is a good time to remind your customers that your company genuinely cares for them.

5 Customer Appreciation Ideas You Can Try

There are no rules or standards you have to abide by when it comes to appreciating customers. The whole point is to celebrate customers and thank them for sticking around with your business. The best way to come up with ideas is to put yourself in the customer’s boots and think about what would make you happy.

The following are some ideas you can implement on the upcoming appreciation day:

Send a Handwritten Thank You Note

Sending thank you emails and messages is the least a brand can do to show gratitude to its customers. It does not take a lot of effort either. However, taking your timeout to write handwritten thank you notes telling how much you value them can make a whole lot of difference. Chances are that your customers do not get thank-you notes, at least not often. Stand out of the crowd by writing personalized notes and sending them to the customer’s address.

Discount Coupons With Thank You Mails

Another way of showing customer appreciation is by sending thank you emails along with discount coupons. Pairing a discount and thank you note serves two purposes at the same time. Your customers will feel valued and utilize the coupon on their next purchase with you.

Feature a Customer of the Month

One way to show your loyal customers how thankful you are for them is to feature them on your socials, website, and storefront. Such activities are a great way of letting your customers know you take notice of them. Also, it can create excitement and healthy competition among the customers to be featured next month.

Run a Giveaway for Loyal Customers

Create a list of your most loyal customers and run a giveaway. Send them presents like your brand’s merchandise, water bottles, or keychains. If your company has digital products, you can offer them digital versions of presents like gift cards and free subscriptions.

Organize a Customer Appreciation Event

Organizing a customer appreciation event and inviting your customers can help your customers know your brand up close. You can show your customers around and arrange food and beverage for them at such events. This type of engagement can be perfect for bonding with the customers.

10 Excellent Customer Appreciation Examples

Though it is best to personalize your company’s customer appreciation gifts on your own. Still, finding inspiration and getting insights into what customers like can be of significant help. Here are 10 ideas to help you make your customers’ day special as they make yours every day:

Jimmy John’s

Jimmy John’s has one of the best customer appreciation day strategies. They drop the prices of their 8-inch subs to just $1 for the day. This offer has been applicable to Big John, Pepe, Turkey Tom, The Vegetarian, Totally Tuna, and J.J.B.L.T subs. It all started on a franchise-level first and then went on to become a national event at Jimmy John’s.


Subway is a genius in offering customer appreciation gifts. The company has offered $2 sandwiches in their customer appreciation months of November and December. In the UK and Ireland, Subway had a buy-one-get-one-free offer on six-inch subs. In addition, the company has also offered free cookies to membership cardholders. So, Subway has offered discounts, and freebies, and even extended to bend the rules of customer appreciation for good.

Papa John’s

Papa John’s customer appreciation strategy can be good for you if you are planning on utilizing email marketing for customer appreciation day 2023. The pizza parlor giant offers promo codes for $6.99 for large pizzas with one or two toppings. Sending such promo codes to your customers for customer appreciation could prove to be a brilliant idea.


McDonald’s offers a buy-one-get-one offer with a fun twist. On customer appreciation day, customers get another burger on the purchase of a Quarter Pounder with Cheese or a Big Mac by just paying a cent more. Getting so much more value for the additional cent is quite memorable for customers.

Chicken Salad Chick

At Chicken Salad Chick, they call it guest appreciation day and it takes place on the 20th of January every year. It is the brand’s opening anniversary, and they celebrate it with the customers by offering a free scoop of Classic Carol. The offer applies to all the franchises of the restaurant. You can opt to give out something similar to the customers on your business’s founding anniversary.


Imo’s celebrated its first-ever appreciation day on the 6th of April in 2022. The company thanked its customers for sticking around during the pandemic phase by offering the order of a 1-topping medium pizza and toasted ravioli for just $9.99. The company’s message makes its appreciation day special by showing actual gratitude to customers.

Dairy Queen

Planning on offering discounts on the next customer appreciation day? Dairy Queen does the same on the 20th of January. They put 50% off on their ice cream cakes, novelties, and more menu items. You can let the people in your area know about such customer appreciation ideas by hiring a mobile advertising service.


Popeye’s takes a unique approach of offering both discounts and customer appreciation gifts on the same day. The supplement company runs a sale on all products while offering multiple freebies on the side. Customers get a free t-shirt when shopping over the value of $75 and people to enter the store first get a free bag.

LA Fitness

LA Fitness conducts customer appreciation events. In the past, the gym has offered to bring a friend for a free workout. Such an approach with the right lead generation services can help a brand acquire new customers. In recent client appreciation day events, they have offered their customers free food and healthy beverages.


Arby’s, well-known for its love of meat, offers its signature roast beef sandwiches for just $1 on its guest appreciation day. This means around 70% off on the company’s signature item. Businesses with such offers can leverage mobile advertising to notify their loyal customer base.

Come Up With Your Own Ideas

You don’t necessarily have to give out free burgers. But all these strategies mentioned can help you generate ideas of your own. See where the inspiration fits in your industry and helps you send a personalized and memorable message to the customers. Creatively putting out free trials, discounts on add-ons, extended service, or waiving off their existing bills can perfectly serve the purpose while also strengthening your relationship with your valued customers for the long term.


Customer appreciation day gives you ample opportunity to retain existing customers and introduce your business to more people. Plan your campaign ahead of time, offer special additions to your customers, and make the day special for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is customer appreciation day 2023?

Customer appreciation day 2023 is going to be on 19/5/2023.

Is there a National Customer Appreciation Day 2023?

Yes, the National Customer Appreciation Day 2023 is going to be on the 19th of May. However, many businesses celebrate this occasion on a different day.

Is there a customer appreciation week?

Many businesses extend the appreciation day event to a week making it a customer appreciation week.

How do you show appreciation to a customer?

By offering gifts, discounts, organizing an event, or sending personalized thank you notes.

How do you thank customers or show customer appreciation?

By taking a step further from simply serving the customers and offering something extra like freebies and offers that people don’t see every day.

Is there a customer appreciation month?

Many businesses like Subway often celebrate appreciation month instead of celebrating the event for a day or a week.

How do you celebrate customer service appreciation week?

The type of celebration mainly depends on the nature of the business. Generally, businesses offer discounts, BOGO (buy-one-get-one) deals, or exclusive products for a week straight.

Why is Customer Appreciation Day important?

Customer appreciation day is important because it shows your loyal customer base how much a business values them. Appreciation days help in strengthening the bond between customers and a brand.

What are the different appreciation days?

The type of appreciation days depends on the company that celebrates them. For example, some businesses prefer to host an event for bonding with customers while others offer exclusive products just for the day. Also, the days for customer appreciation can be different based on a business’s preference.

How do you host a customer appreciation event?

Send invitations to your customers about the event via SMS or email, decorate everything with an appreciation day theme, arrange souvenirs, and ensure your customers have a great time.

What do you do at an appreciation event?

Do things differently from the usual days of business and celebrate a day dedicated to your customers only.

What are appreciation activities?

Customer appreciation activities may include games, a chance to win free merchandise, free sampling, overall discounts, and more organized by a business.