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The Challenge

Warranty People work as a non-insurance registered entity. They offer boiler breakdown & central heating cover. Their boiler cover is for property owners, whereas the home emergency cover is for homeowners & property owners. In addition to that, they also provide car breakdown cover, home appliance cover, gas boiler repair & service, as well as gas safety check / certificate. When they came to us they had:

  • Mono-tone website with minimal content
  • Sales Funnel had redundant checkpoints
  • No digital presence before
  • Higher Click Cost
  • They were unable to meet sales targets
They were happy to see how we revamped and optimized their website including CTAs, sign up forms, landing pages, e-mail newsletters, etc. Because within a short period of time, they were enjoying a hike not only in their sales but also in their overall business revenue.

What We Did:

Our efficient sales and marketing process helped with improving the conversion rate at each stage of the sales funnel.

Between visiting the landing page and actually completing the transaction, our task was to improve their overall visibility of the brand to search engines, attract visitors, keep them engaged, and minimize cart abandonment.

The main destination of paid online marketing campaigns are often a business’s landing pages. These are focused on conversions so it makes sense to improve their performance because that can lead to substantial improvements in business. And a large chunk of money as well as resources go into driving traffic to these pages.

Our strategy involved identifying traffic sources potential customers are coming from. It then involved recognising potential problems with Warranty People’s landing page’s design or functionality. By using controlled experiments, we tested out improvements to the pages as well as measure the effect on their conversion rate. By optimizing their landing pages we were able to acquire more customers and at the same time lower customer acquisitions costs, and maximize the ROAS.

Through extensive testing we helped Warranty People during all phases of the sales funnel. Based on all that, we optimized their website, CTAs, sign up forms, landing pages, e-mail newsletters, etc. Through fine-tuning all these key customer touchpoints, we were able to maximize sales and ultimately their business revenue within a short period of time.
  • Improved content on the website by redesigning the entire web layout.
  • Reduced the steps in sales funnel thus improving customer flow of online conversion.
  • Made the online presence felt for the site with sales targeted brand awareness thus promoting brand.
  • Enhanced customer engagement on the website using call & chat plugins.
  • Reduced CPC by 39%
35% 31% 39%

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