PPC strategy that develops innovative ways to cut click costs and increase volume.

In a competing world of telco, sustainable quality leads are dependent on the company’s ROI through top branded keywords. To ensure consistent and stable lead generation flow with minimal cost, ASI partnered with a leading TELCO to implement cross-channel growth for their paid marketing strategy.

The Challenge

It has become a common practice with retail partner sites of TELCO to buy brand keywords and take advantage of the hard work done to build the brand. Branded terms in paid search marketing are the largest driver of leads for all telecom companies. Due to hyper-competition with retail partner sites, a top TELCO approached Antares Solutions LLC about partnering on creative strategy and multi-channel marketing approach to grow sales while reducing the branded click cost. The challenge for the company, which was experiencing a spike in the cost due to brand keyword stealers, was maintaining the growth trajectory without accumulating negative feedback for their brand.

Learn how our experts partnered with a leading TELCO company and delivered what they were looking for. We successfully carried out the strategy resulting in increased sign ups, and a three times more sales growth while a sharp reduction in click costs for

What We Did:

To increase sales and reduce click costs, we began strategically working with TELCO in 2016 to capture non-branded space where untapped audiences as well as more volume existed.

While non-branded terms are very competitive and expensive, we planned on capturing the top-of-the-funnel traffic, which was needed. If people can’t find a brand, they won’t be searching for branded terms.

At the very start, we established the need to have close collaboration and open communication with our TELCO partner. We started off by performing an audit of the existing campaigns, keywords, landing pages, ads, bids as well as budgets. With the keyword level trending data, we identified over- and under-performing areas. After a full analysis, we started testing new bidding strategies, ad extensions and landing page designs. Something which was relatively untested in this industry.

What made this approach dynamic and ultimately extremely effective, was that our specialists made sure to review KPIs. Then based on the new marketing strategies, they tested results, optimized bid strategies in proximate real time, and enhanced marketing channels.

  •  Using Google Ads reporting, Analytics and other tools, we used the data to track precisely the effectiveness of every search query. It included the most frequently searched term to the highest converting, including the most profitable.
  • With defined targeting and measurability, we helped them achieve a high ROI on a much larger scale.

The team successfully carried out the strategy. We were able to best deliver growth and at the same time reduce costs. Following are the results that were achieved:
  • Install rate (lead quality) improved from 65% to 85%
  • Sign Ups grew almost three times, than what they had before. That resulted in increased sales.
  • 30% decrease in CPA
  • The overall customer experience improved.
Lead Quality CPA SALES
20% 30% 39%

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